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AT&T APN settings for Allview Wi8G

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Allview Wi8G does not support AT&T GSM / HSPA at this time.

Explain Allview Wi8G compatibility with AT&T

AT&T 3G APN with Allview Wi8G

Allview Wi8G does not support AT&T 3G.

Sorry, but it does not look like Allview Wi8G will work on AT&T. But please note that the compatibility of Allview Wi8G with AT&T, or the AT&T network support on Allview Wi8G we have explained here is only a technical specification match between Allview Wi8G and AT&T network. Even Allview Wi8G is listed as not compatible here, still AT&T network can allow (rarely) Allview Wi8G in their network with special agreements made between AT&T and Allview. Therefore, this only explains if the commonly available versions of Allview Wi8G will work properly on AT&T or not, if so in which bands Allview Wi8G will work on AT&T and the network performance between AT&T and Allview Wi8G. To check if Allview Wi8G is really allowed in AT&T network please contact AT&T support. Do not use this website to decide to buy Allview Wi8G to use on AT&T.

Allview Wi8G network specifications

OS Microsoft Windows 10
Network bands GSM / HSPA
Speed HSPA 21.1/5.76 Mbps
Network frequencies GSM 900 / 1800
HSDPA 900 / 2100

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